Commercial and Residential Waterproofing

Roof leaks and deterioration can occur on the roof surface as a result of ponding water on a roof. These damaging effects of ponding water can be costly for the building owner and homeowner alike. Acrylic roof coatings can’t hold up to ponding water as it deteriorates. In the last few years, building owners and homeowners have changed the conversation to the issue that ponding water resistance is now critical in roof restoration coating.

Best Florida Roofers apply Uniflex® Silicone™ Rubberized Roof Coating, which is the solution for building owners and homeowners looking for roof coating that provides ponding water resistance. It is a premium 100% silicone rubber roof coating designed to provide protection against leaks caused by ponding water. The monolithic coating provides a seamless rubberized layer of protection to low-sloped roofing systems.

These are the roof substrates that • Metal Roofs • Polyurethane Foam • Single Ply • Cured Concrete • Smooth Built-Up Roofing • Modified Bitumen Roofing. These are some of the benefits by waterproofing with Silicone products. Ponding water resistance. Excellent flow and leveling Exceptional permeability rating of 7.2 perms aids in breathability which helps prevent blistering. UV resistance with bright white reflective finish helps lower cooling costs. Superior dirt pickup resistance allows for the coating to stay cleaner, longer. Outstanding adhesion to most roofing materials. Limited lifetime product warranty.

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