BUR (Built up roof) is the oldest of the current roofing technology and has been around for over a century. It consists of melting kegs of hot asphalt in a large metal kettle and using mops to apply the hot asphalt in-between an anchor (base) sheet, ply sheets and lastly a cap sheet. Ply sheets and additional layers of asphalt can be added per the project specification requirements. While fiberglass cap sheets are very popular, Best Florida Roofers also install white granulated modified cap sheets, fully adhered in hot type 4 asphalt.

APP & SBS is often used on residential and commercial roofing jobs, in all South Florida areas. APP & SBS sheets are torched on to the surface below, therefore there is no need for a hot tar kettle, carrying buckets or the inconvenience of getting asphalt spills around the roof eaves. In addition, APP & SBS systems typically consist of fewer plies than BUR jobs, allowing them to be installed faster and with a smaller labor force. Best Florida Roofers employ a torch application, hot mop and Polyglass-peel & stick modified roofing. Torch and peel & stick applications also reduce the odor around the work location allowing for more comfortable conditions for the workers and building occupants.

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