The warranty on metal roofing and installation products and procedures are called a “Weather tightness warranty” which may be purchased that carry a five-year Best Florida Roofers standard warranty and a twenty year No Dollar Limit warranty provided by the manufacturer, which is mostly made by Gulf Coast Supply and Manufacturing.

There are three (3) popular types of installation procedures for metal roofing. One is an exposed fastener system, the second is stamped metal roofing and the third is a hidden fastener system, which is the most popular.

Also called “standing seam,” these systems have no exposed screws, making them the most weather tight and maintenance -free systems. Standing seam is a good choice for commercial and high-end residential projects but require higher-skilled craftsmen and more labor costs for installation. There are two (2) types of material used in manufacturing these products that are widely used, one is steel panels and the other is aluminum panels. There are other panels that are made, such as copper, that could be manufactured, but at a greater cost due to copper pricing.

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