Best Florida Roofers, LLC will dispatch our qualified roof inspectors to perform non-destructive visual roof inspections on Commercial, Industrial and Residential Properties in South Florida to identify areas on the roof that may be deteriorating or that may have existing damage due to age, general condition, unknown objects or rain events. We also employ the use of our Forward-Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) as well as Moisture Meters to locate, verify and document active points of intrusion.

When we perform visual roof inspection on Residential Properties, we first perform an attic inspection. We crawl through the attic for as long as we can, barring obstacles. Pictures and/or videos are taken to document active areas of water intrusion. We then check the interior ceilings for stains or active points of water intrusion. After those procedures are complete, we walk around the entire perimeter of the overhangs to document rotted or damaged fascia and soffit associated with perimeter edge roof leaks. Following that inspection, we then get up on top of the roof to check the general condition of the roof surface.

On commercial roofs, first we look at the interior ceilings and document the type of substrate there is, whether it is Twin T, concrete slabs, cementitious wood fiber, lightweight concrete, etc. We then get on the roof to look for areas of concern, damage from active leaks, or deteriorated membranes. Once that is complete, then we can offer maintenance, repair solutions or cost to re-roof.

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