The roof tile generally is manufactured from concrete or clay. The concrete roof tile are high and medium profiles, such as Boral’s Barcelona 900, Villa 900, and Estate tiles. The low-profile roof tile is slate, split slate (smooth), shake and split shake (half slate, half shake). Best Florida Roofers can provide brochures and samples with colors and roof tile profiles from our sources of roof tile manufacturers.

Attic temperatures measured using identical heat sources simulating the sun’s radiation comparing standard concrete roof tile to a common asphalt shingle. The result is less heat in the attic and lower energy bills.

Concrete roof tiles have texture and substance, creating a true multidimensional look for your roof. Their natural colorways harmonize easily with other exterior building elements. There are a wide variety of color choices that can be made. There are the standard roof colors (no additional cost) and premium colors, which an additional cost is charged by the roof tile manufacturer.

Engineered tile is specifically designed for new roofs and re-roofs, helping to provide Floridians protection from the rain and high wind events that occur during the rainy season that lasts for months.

Most concrete roof tile manufacturers stand behind the quality of their roof tile with a Fully Transferable, Non-Prorated Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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